Caroline Faison


Ben Cochrane

Caroline Faison opened her shop, Caroline Faison Antiques forty eight years ago, in the location where it remains today. As her life is colorful and expansive, so is her shop.Regarded as one of the most original and adventurous collectors and dealers, Caroline Faison’s reputation is known world-wide. Her unique personality, sense of style and humor are reflected in the company she loves as much today as she did forty eight years ago.

 Ben Cochrane, Caroline’s grandson moved to Greensboro three years ago from Richmond, Va to help grow the family business. As he grew up in and around antiques his entire life he was taught an appreciation for all things old by his mother, Kim Faison (Kim Faison Antiques). With a goal of reaching younger collectors through the internet and antiques shows around the country, Ben is dedicated to carrying on the family tradition of bringing quality antiques and decorations to the next generations.

Caroline, Kim and Ben travel together all over Europe as well as the US in search of unique pieces for your home. We sell things all over the country and we stand behind everything we sell. We gladly accept returns on any purchases and we also have a very easy trade in policy if you are moving or downsizing. Also, we offer free shipping, delivery and approvals